Saturday, 02 November 2013

Origami Flower {Tried & Tested Tutorial}

I have spotted these gorgeous paper flowers all around Durbs at places like The Freedom Cafe & Reminisce. Every time I see them I challenge Lee to make them as he is rather fond of origami but he would always think that it looked a little too difficult. Yesterday I decided it was time to find out how hard this flower really was to make and surprisingly it is super easy... So I made some :)
They don't tell you how to add the stick but it is super simple - after gluing together a few of the petals you can glue in a skewer or thin dowel and continue to stick the remaining petals on.
The best tutorial I have found is on the site KaiserCraft : {here}.

This morning in the Lubbee home we have been making all sorts of paper decorations for our Christmas tree so look out for a post on our Christmas tree coming soon :)

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Pascale said...

oooh those look so cute!

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