Thursday 04 December 2014

My new site...

Most of you would have seen that I have changed blogs from this one to my very own, I am so enjoying my new site and this new start. I would like to ask you if you follow this blog to do the swap to my new site. I would really appreciate the support in changing my direction. I have valued each of you followers as you have read my posts and commented and emailed me and I would love you to continue to do so on my new site. Looking forward to you joining me in this and hearing from you!

Wednesday 15 October 2014

I am trying to wait until it is all ready because currently it is a work in progress but I thought the sooner I got this up on Sunflowers & Spears, the better! Kelly Lubbee {dot} co {dot} za is alive and in progress. For a sneak peek and to see what I am up to, check it out. It is going to be changing a lot so don't judge it on first looks but go and see it, follow it and keep your eyes open for the launch of

Saturday 02 August 2014

DIY Watercolor Mug

I spotted this multiple times while scrolling through Pinterest this morning and I thought I should take a look. Wow! What an easy and great DIY for beautiful watercolor mugs! Take a look at how to on the link below.

Thursday 24 July 2014

The Morning Trade

We recently went to Johannesburg and with our local mate, Nosipho, we got a tour around some of the best parts and were surprised to see the city in such a gorgeous light. Maboneng and Braamfontein both host full-blown markets (Arts on Main & Neighbourgoods respectively), creative coffee shops, cultured street decor and fun-filled people. I loved the 'vibe' that was there considering that it was JHB after all (sorry Jozie followers). On our way back home in the car I was saying how much I wish Durban would uplift our city as we have such potential for similar initiatives. The following week I was back at work and spotted a flurry of Facebook posts talking about the Rivertown Precinct and this wonderful market, The Morning Trade. WOW! Durban, you are making me so proud! I am so looking forward to, not just the Rivertown Precinct and what it will offer but all the new things to come from the amazing guys behind the work, Propertuity. I know that they won't stop here but will continue to find ways to make Durban grow and flourish! So on Sunday, 3rd August, I would suggest Durban go and play squashed sardines, get out of your comfort zone and try out the lovely-looking, The Morning Trade Market.

Wednesday 23 July 2014

hello. to a new adventure

It has been ages since I sat down in front of this post editor page to type out a new page for Sunflowers and Spears. I have been in the process of many many changes and also a high pile of new work. Some of you would have seen from previous posts that I was running the coffee shop since January. And if you follow them on Facebook then you would have already seen the post bidding me farewell. Yes, it is true. My heart is already being called elsewhere and Lee and I must be obedient to what is exciting our spirits. I thought that I should just give you a little history to this (sudden) change.

After Lee and I got married we spoke often about our different hopes for the future. Mine would always consist of visiting Greece, New York, and all those beautiful places I see on Pinterest. I knew deep down that some were just unrealistic and some were genuine hopes. Lee's hopes, however, sounded a little different to mine. Being the man, the one who wants to provide, he hoped for a safe home and children. After many evenings discussing these things and realising neither actually longed as deeply for each other's hopes as the other did we gave it to God and let Him do His thing. 

Within a year, God has changed out hearts so much! Lee has been so drawn to the idea of travelling and has even gained a passion for the States. God has changed my heart to wanting children, from a very unusual desire not to have a child to actually becoming more open to it and praying blessing on whatever future He has for us in that regard. 

With this being said, we have started the long but exciting adventure to move to America. We have some ideas of what we want to do but we have still got a long way to go. I will try to post more regularly and will hopefully have more news to write to you soon.

This printable by Happiness Is is so fitting for this time :)
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