Thursday, 01 November 2012

Blogger Secret Santa {A Call for More}

So, today I sent out all the Santa's to do their shopping but yet there seems to be a demand for a little more time to apply. So if you aren't already a Santa then see the details below and let me know if you are keen to partake in some festive blogging and shopping. I need some more people as I am running it on a basis that the person you are paired with to buy for will not be the person who will buy you your prezzie. Anyone entering the Blogger Secret Santa now, you have until Wednesday the 7th of November to enter!
Look forward to hearing from you!


An Aussie in Africa said...

Hey Kelly, I emailed you to be a part of it but didn't receive any email from you today, did you get my original one? Just checking :)

Kelly said...

Hey Rachel.. It seems I didn't get it. Maybe send it again.

An Aussie in Africa said...

Ok sent it again.

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