Tuesday, 03 April 2012

Fashion 101: Thigh High

I thought to myself on Friday when I was in the midlands bootless and jacketless and I was freezing my butt off... "I wish I had some thigh high cosy socks and boots right about now." Well that was just the little thought that made me realise my winter trend is going to be thigh high! Thigh high socks over sheer stockings or thigh high socks and shorts whilst it is still a bit warmer... Here is how to do this new trend :)
 All in black attack! Done with shorts and cute lace up ankle booties. This look really does the job at elongating her legs and making her seem miles high. Super simple black thigh high socks - looks pretty much right to me...
 Although I would wear a dress or some shorts if I was heading out in this outfit, the cute little heart detailed stockings are a must! Adding a feminine touch to a very harsh black thigh high sock and zipper detailed boots. I love the slouchieness of the socks too! 
A somewhat more neutral and very well put together look... Love the cute off white/grey socks with striped detail in the knit! This look looks like the ultimate cosy outfit. The pop of burgundy is also a hit as it is one of winters warm colours and makes you feel steamy at just a glance.

The most awesome thing about the thigh high sock trend is that you can still show as much of your personality as you'd like. Wear them with cute stockings or on their own in a fun print for a quirky winter hit or wear them in a nice neutral with brown boots and a sling bag for boho chilled chic. If you want to be more glam then get some sparkle on with some cute embellished boots and a simple black dress! 

Seriously one of the looks I cannot wait to rock this winter... will you?
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Pascale said...

Love this trend! I have the socks, so just need to find some quirky stockings to complete the look...

Vanessa. said...

I really like this trend :)

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