Tuesday, 03 April 2012

Marigold Tea

Yep, you read right. Flowers and food and not just for decor... Flowers in food! I was walking through Everfresh on Monday doing a little shopping for our new place when I spotted a tray of the most beautiful golden yellow. And being the yellow lover I am I stopped and had to see what this was. Well this tray was a whole lot of lovey marigolds. Then I thought a bit more and wondered why marigolds would be in the fruit and veg market??? Did you know, marigolds are edible flowers! You can eat the petals by adding them to your food. They tend to have a slight citrus flavour and have great skin healing properties. I am a tea lover and look forward to finding things to make new tea tastes out of using my lovely tea infuser from Baccarat which I got for my kitchen tea. Love this recipe!
Marigold Tea

1. Separate the petals of the marigold from the rest of the flower. You will only ever use the petals. Rinse the petals thoroughly.
2. You will need to let them dry out and so place them somewhere where they can dry out best and quickest. Note: this will not happen in a day unless you place them in the microwave in which case you could have them within 5 minutes depending. Otherwise look in store for already dried out marigold petals.
3. Use any other herbs you may want to add to your mix and let them dry out. Some great options would be basil for a twist with a touch of lemon, some mint for a fresh and citrusy taste or even some dried out fruits such as orange peel, berries and peaches. 
4. Place a crushed, dried blend into a tea infuser and place in the tea pot or cup until well infused. 
Add some honey or lemon and enjoy!

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Sara B. C. said...

I must admit I love marigold tea. The flowers themselves don't smell too good, but the tea is delicious!

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