Thursday, 08 March 2012

Midnight In Paris

Last week Monday night the girls and I went to watch Midnight in Paris at Cinema Nouveau. If you have not seen it yet I advise you get your paws on this DVD when it comes to stores! 
The movie is set in the most picturesque parts of Paris. Directed and written by one of my favourite, Woody Allen. The movie stars Owen Wilson, Gil, and Rachel McAdams, Inez, an engaged couple who visit Paris with her parents. Inez gets caught up in sight seeing with an old lecturer crush whilst Gil would rather be exploring the old Hollywood glamour of the 1920's in Paris. On a midnight stroll around Paris he finds himself going back into the 1920's where he meets various famous characters and interacts with the likes of writer, Ernst Hemmingway, Artist, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. He finds himself in this era and it causes him to rethink the life he has now... 
A stunning movie with the most beautiful scenery and a 1920's glam lifestyle you just want to jump into! 

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