Wednesday, 07 March 2012

KONY 2012

This is exactly what I want my blog to be used for. As much as I love posting fashion posts, home decor posts and "what my life is like" posts... THIS is way more important and could even determine if I have a life worth living in the end. Some people out there have bigger worries and KONY is his name. Get this video out there! I encourage you to SHARE it on your Facebook page, blog, twitter, email it around! If you can stand for this ONE thing and we win then imagine what else you can do?! 

So here is what you can do...
Website: {here} Sign the petition, get the kit, FIGHT!
Use the pic above as your Facebook Cover Picture.
Fellow bloggers put this pic on your side bar with a link to @bloggersXkony on Twitter.


onedaybox said...

OMG i was sobbing when I watched this. Last night I watched The Machine Gun Preacher and then today I saw this. Everything in my heart has told me to get involved somehow. And this is the starting point! X

Kelly said...

I lay on my bed and got goosies everywhere especially when the kids were screaming that fear won't get to them and...WOW! Machine Gun Preacher really was an eye-opener! If we can get #1 on the list...It's JUST the start!

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