Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Tips On Starting Your Own Creative Business {series launch}

I am so honoured to be one of nine talented ladies who will be writing posts for this fantastic new series run by Caitlyn de Beer.
Over the rest of November you will be able to read posts by some incredible bloggers and business women that will inspire, challenge and equip you to be the best you can be using all the available resources at hand these days. Take a look at Caitlyn's intro post {here} and have a look at the line-up...

We encourage you to SUBSCRIBE to each of the blogs so that you don't miss a beat! Enjoy!

Monday, 18th Nov: Caitlyn de Beer will answer the question, 'What's the most important question to ask yourself before starting your own business?' onCaitlyn de Beer Life Coaching

Connect with Caitlyn on Twitter @caitlyndebeer and on Facebook.

Tuesday, 19th Nov: Megan Galloway will be addressing the question, Should you combine many passions or just choose one? on Megan Galloway Growth Coach.

Connect with Megan on Twitter @meganjgallowayand on Facebook.

Wednesday, 20th Nov:  Ilze Louw Schlebusch will write on 'The importance of Professionalism  website & photos' on Ilze Louw Photography

Connect with Ilze on Twitter @ilzelouw and on Facebook.

Thursday, 21st Nov: Roxy Hutton will write on 'Blogging  where to begin' on CityGirlSearching

Connect with Roxy on Twitter @roxypearce and onFacebook.

Friday, 22nd Nov: Kelly will be writing on 'How to use Social Media to promote your business' onSunflowersadspears

Connect with Kelly on Twitter @Kellytromp and onFacebook.

Monday, 25th Nov:  Fathima will be writing on 'Creating an online store' on Happinessisat

Connect with Fathima on Twitter@noodlesndoodles and on Facebook.

Tuesday, 26th Nov:  Phillipa Rowney will be writing on  'Networking' on Coffeyandcake

Connect with Phillipa on Twitter @pipsrowney and on Facebook.

Wednesday, 27th Nov:  Kim & Fil will be writing on 'Bridge jobs (the secret to financing your creative business)' on Ruby&Swallow

Connect with Kim & Fil on Twitter@RubyandSwallow and on Facebook.

Thursday, 28th Nov:  Nicola will be writing on 'Creative or Critic: Whos driving your business venture?' on Loving Mondays

Connect with Nicola on Twitter @TheCareerCanvas and on Facebook.


Caitlyn De Beer said...

YAY - Can't wait to work together!! <3

Roxy Hutton said...

So looking forward to being a part of this series with you Kelly! x

nant said...

I AM kelly's grandmother, and I just want to say that I take my hat off to all you beautiful young people, for the enthusiasm and initiative you are showing in your Blogs and in making so many ideas available to those who do not have the skills to do so. It is gratifying to me, who grew up in an age when women were not applauded for showing what they were capable of, to see that we are at last being given the opportunity to do so. Well done, and good luck to you all-you should be very proud of yourselves. Nancy

Megan Galloway said...

I'm so looking forward to being a part of this collaboration with you Kelly. And what a lovely comment from Nancy - thank you for the vote of confidence. We stand on the shoulders of giants like you.

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