Tuesday, 03 September 2013

Help "Jordi" to Win

I am sure some of you may remember the post I did last year encouraging you all to vote for a cool kid on the music scene, Matthew Mole, to win the Converse, "Get Out of the Garage" competition. Check it out here if you don't. But basically, he won! He went to the UK and is now a hit and well known for his fun tunes - so thank you :)

This post is quite similar, but for another local talent, 'Jordi'. Some of you may have already heard him or heard of him but if you are not familiar with his music, please take a listen to him on {here} and you can find out more about him right {here}. Jordi (a young Durban man) is on the same journey as Matthew Mole was and is trying to win the Converse competition this year and he would greatly appreciate YOUR vote! So this is how it is done:

STEP 1 - Follow this link : http://www.myssl.co.za/converse/
STEP 2 - Scroll down to find "Jordi" & click 'VOTE'
STEP 3 - Log In via Facebook
STEP 4 - Vote (and as many times as you can)
Jordi, from myself, I hope that you get this opportunity and represent South Africa well. Looking forward to hearing more from you in the next little while. Well done for following your dreams!


Claudz said...

Awesome, will vote!

Dhesh said...

Good luck to Jordi! Go KZN boy go!..voted for you :-)

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