Friday, 27 July 2012

Help Matthew Mole Go To England!

If you have never heard his music before now is the time to play a tune or two... Matthew Mole is a Cape Town indie artist who is very much so indie! By that I mean he makes his own ways most of the time - recording in his bedroom and using his own equipment to make a complete song. It is quite a treat! Anyways, Matthew is in this competition with Converse to win a trip to England and this could just be a huge opportunity for this talented fella. So go and take a look {here} for what the deal is and go over {here} to vote for Matt to win! It is a simple thing so if you read this post, I encourage you to take a second to vote for him! Also, by voting you could stand a chance to win too :) Voting closes on the 2nd August!!! Go! Go!

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