Monday, 10 December 2012

M.I.A and We Are Away

Shew, I feel like it has been ages since I last typed a message and posted a pic in this little editing block. But, I guess the truth is that it has been... I have been super duper busy in the past few weeks planning things, designing and trying to also relax. Lee and I went on a little Berg adventure last week this time and had such a great time taking a slow drive through the Midlands Meander and then resting at an amazing place called Fernwood Lodge. It was beautiful and nice to just chill! I have also been desperately waiting for all the Secret Santa's to post on their gifts they received! Golly, I love gifts :) Anyways, I thought that I would pop in and say hello and bye for a bit as we are off to Kidds Beach for 10 days on Thursday so we will speak soon after that! For now, I will just inform you of the MOST amazing place to go for dessert in Durban right now - Ci Gusta! Delicious Italian gelato served in such a quirky little shop on the corner of Florida Road. I suggest you head there for some salted caramel, the ferrero rocher flavoured one and black chocolate gelato... Ok, maybe I am just being biased to the flavours but they are GOOD! 
See {here} - You will understand the grass if you take the trip there :)
Happy holidays!!!


Samantha ( said...

So good to hear you had a lovely holiday :)
I have delivered my gift- Also waiting her post on it! :) xx

Claudz said...

I have been stalking my Secret Santa to see when she posts about her gift. Berco have confirmed delivery! It's so nerve wracking and exciting.

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