Thursday, 12 July 2012

Vienne Milano Thigh Highs

Vienne Milano are possibly THE best thigh high stockings around. I got a little gift from Vienne the other day and Durban weather proved right for some stockings today. From the moment you get the regal purple box and pull the cute satin bow your heart already gets excited about what is inside! When I put these stockings on this morning I couldn't get over how easily they just slid right over my legs. Without even having to tug and pull they just glide on! The next thing you will notice is the luxurious feel over your skin - no grainy feeling and no soon-to-be ladders. The silicone hold-ups are amazing -you never ever need to hike them up! I have to say they are one of the softest and silkiest stockings I have ever tried. Now, if you would like a pair of these stockings feel free to go to Vienne Milano and buy a pair AND get 30% off by using the promo code "sunflowers" when you make your online purchase. 

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