Thursday, 19 April 2012


So there is this wonderful brand that sells ONLY thigh high stockings! And I am blessed enough to introduce you to them. VienneMilano is an online store dedicated to selling the best quality thigh high stockings made in Italy using the finest fabrics such as silk, cashmere & microfibre blends. The perception of thigh high stockings has been so warped & women who wear them are thought to be too provocative. Vienne Cheung, founder of VienneMilano, has created a brand that tries to steer away from that view making women feel more drawn to thigh high stockings with the perception of confidence. Thigh highs are great as they add a fun, playful side to outfits and these particular thigh high stockings are extremely comfortable with a silicone band that adheres to your thigh & so stays in place all day long be it at work or out shopping! I am so looking forward to wearing this trend this winter, aren't you? Well if your answer was yes then here is some AWESOME news...(PS. They deliver to ANYWHERE in the world, South Africans)

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