Wednesday, 01 February 2012

Fashion 101 : Tights, Stockings & Leggings

Here is an interesting one. Even I got one detail wrong when I first thought about typing this Fashion 101 out. Have you ever thought when you have said "I am going shopping for tights..." what you were really shopping for? Or judged a person for wearing only stockings when they are leggings...? Well here is a little fashion low down on these little items.

Stockings... Made from a sheer nylon a stocking will cover your foot and stretch as far up as your thigh. Generally held up with garters or a suspender belt. (Very sexy- too sexy in fact to find an appropriate image).

Tights... Made from a thicker (40 denier) nylon or a cotton&lycra blend tights cover the foot and stretch as far up as the waist. (Not as sexy) Tights should not be worn on their own with short tops as they are still slightly transparent. I love the styles you can buy such as quirky colours, cute patterns and even slightly ripped for a rock n roll look. Worn so well with cute shorts (denim by day, cotton by night) or with sweet dresses and skirts and heels!
Blair always knew how to rock the tights in GG. Image source.

Leggings... We all know these as the garment that is footless and goes as far down as the ankle giving the appearance of pants. Depending on the thickness of the material the legging is made from they can be worn as such with a short top. Leggings have became the more fashionable option with crazy patterns a la LMFAO, leather-look, studded, jeggings and even woolen styles hitting the streets nearly every day. I think you can use your own judgement as to whether you can sport the legging as a substitute for pants or not. Done best with a cute ballet pump, heel or boot for winter!
One of my fave looks is the leather legging.  Image source.


Anonymous said...

Nike Zoom Kobe VI (6)

Anonymous said...

I think I prefer wearing tights over leggings... not sure why.

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