Thursday, 02 February 2012

Fashion 101 : Ombre vs Regrowth

Yes, as Jeannie Mai always says, your hair is an accessory too! So that is why there is a hair post under my Fashion 101 slot. We all know that the Ombre hair trend has been quite the hit...whether it is over for good or not is yet to be decided! There is one small issue though... the difference between ombre hair and regrowth seems to be sorely missed and many people are walking around thinking it is OK to have THAT much blonde and THAT much brown at the same time... Here is the difference.

Ombre Hair:
Why - It is low maintenance, easy to grow out and so in this season! It suits most people and can look very professional if done really well.
Who - Alexa Chung. She has made this look and also sports it really well. Many people feel that you need to have long flowing locks to do the ombre hair trend but look how casual and cool Alexa looks in her do.
Image source.
How - Go to a salon! At least for the first do go and get the professionals to do it for you. The idea is to have darker roots and go slightly lighter down the length of your hair. There are different ways to do it such as more subtle or very ombre. The more subtle the more natural it would look and the more ombre the harsher the definition would be... BUT never looking like regrowth.
Colour - Yes. You can do a colour style of ombre hair such as Katy Perry is sporting now. Darker pink roots fading into blonde. Otherwise very often the reverse is all over hollywood with dip-dyed colour hair at the ends of the hair and lighter at the roots. Just be brave, be careful and do not look like a clown!
Image source.

How - Regrowth is caused when the hair is dyed a shade darker or lighter than the original tone of your hair. As the hair grows longer the roots push out the new (natural) hair tone and the dyed colour fades downwards.
Who - Cameron Diaz does the right amount of regrowth as it makes the hair look more natural when there is a slightly darker root. It is healthier, newer and less exposed hair and so it will naturally be that way. But if the line between dark and light is too well drawn  then you know you need a major touch up.
Why - Regrowth can be the hair look unhealthy and also very poorly looked after. If you are willing to do a drastic colour change then you must be willing to pay the costs on a regular basis for a touch up.
What - Go to the hair dresser. If you are wanting to change back to your natural colour you can either dye it a closer shade and let that grow out properly or you could strip the hair of the old dye back to your natural. You will need a treatment if that is done as you will be doing a lot of damage to your hair.

Whatever your pick make sure your hair is clean, healthy and protected for longer lasting colour and a great feeling you. Because as I said your hair can make or break your outfit as an accessory!

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