Friday, 27 January 2012


We have all heard and claim to "know" that drinking water is very very NB but how much and how often do we drink the precious resource. Not to be taken for granted but to be used to nourish our bodies. Well I am not here to bore you with why it is so important but rather some ways to make it more fun if you battle to down glassfulls of H2O. 
1. Add fruit. Strawberries, lemons, melon, watermelon and apple. These all add extra nutrition and flavour. Also, the colours will make you want to dive in! 
2. Add veggies. Yes. Veggies. A little bit of cucumber will make the water that much more refreshing.
3. Herbs. Dash of mint. Sprig of thyme. Mixed with lime. Yummy :)
4. Heat 'n Treat. Not ideal for this summer sun but a warm cup of water in the morning is the best way to kick start your metabolism. And a fast metabolism equals a more vibrant you! Add some ginger and lemon or honey for an extra bit of a treat!  

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