Monday, 12 September 2011

His present

So now I can finally blog this. YAY! I got these fish eagle cuff links made for Lee for his birthday/wedding present. The amazing Jess at Hello Thula had these made and delivered just in time for his birthday this Saturday.

The pics don't do them much justice but they are sterling silver and are so cute! I absolutely love the way they came out and so did he.
The meaning behind the cuff links is that he loves fish eagles (number 1) and also the deeper meaning is that he was meant to have two brothers(his mom had miscarriages with) and no doubt those two men would have been by his side on his wedding day. So in place of them he has his two fish eagles to do the honours.
Happy birthday again my Soldier. I love you!

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Samantha ( said...

So stunning Kel! Love the meaning behind it too! I am sure he will treasure these for maaaany years to come :)

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