Monday, 12 September 2011

Civil Twilight

On googling the weather over the past weeks to make sure the sun shone for us on Saturday I realised that the term Civil Twilight means the following...
Civil Twilight : "the time before sunrise and after sunset when the sun is below the horizon but not more than 6ยบ below the horizon. During this time, the sky is still bright and the brightest stars can be seen."

On another note, Civil Twilight is a band originated in Cape Town, SA. They have had a huge influence throughout the world lately! Their songs have been played on TV for series like House ("Human"- Civil Twilight) and in a recent advert for Tennis which you would see on BBC.
To take a listen to their stuff go to their website where you can listen to some tracks whilst navigating through their band info.
Good job you South African boys!

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