Friday, 22 November 2013

{Free Cooking School} from Yuppiechef

I am on Step 3 of this awesome baking school that Yuppiechef has put together, "The Art of Baking". It has been so great to learn a couple of little tricks such as putting ice into your oven when baking bread to allow moisture and what possible causes of crunchy, flat or chewy cookies are. They are clever in that you must complete one step to get to the next but who wouldn't want an excuse to get in the kitchen and try be the next Masterchef?? Sarah Graham hosts the course with some lovely videos (in which I get more consumed in her beautiful tops and stunning kitchen) which help you understand more about the baking :) Here is the 'espresso cake with mocha buttercream' I baked from the first step, "cakes" - I swopped out the pecans with almonds and needless to say after having 5 guys over there was not much left!
Hop on over to the page {here} to sign up to do this simple and free course!

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Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Looks DELISH Kel, yummy! x

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