Sunday, 27 October 2013

Blogger Secret Santa 2013

It's that time of the year again... Blogger Secret Santa 2013 has arrived. So check out the details below...

Please also note the following:

1. The aim is to keep it a secret. All liaising between one blogger and another needs to be done between myself and you. Therefore, if you need to know something more about your blogger please email or call me for that information. You do not want to give your Secret Santa identity away until the gift is given.

2. Gifts need to be worth R100 or more. If you are an artist and sell your work normally, you can use the price point for that as a guide to how much it is worth.

3. Please keep your eyes on your email as much as possible in case I email you with anything important.

4. Please be patient. This is something small that I do as I love the magic Christmas holds. I am a working girl and so I will read and respond to emails as soon as I can.

5. Secret Santa is not limited to South African residents. Feel free to apply if you are outside of SA but please bear in mind that your gift might be delayed in either direction. I am not liable for any gifts that are delayed or are not delivered properly.


femmegypsy said...

This is best idea!!

Roxy Hutton said...

Lovely idea! I would love to take part! I will drop you an email soon x

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