Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Vovo Telo Umhlanga

Who knows why I love it SO much... Maybe it is because it brings back memories with good mates in JHB... Maybe it's their quirky teapots... Maybe it is because coffee shops have a special spot in my heart... And maybe, it is all of the above and MORE! Vovo Telo has this special feeling about it. When you walk in and are greeted by a warm smile, take a seat at their unique tables (and maybe even spot an etched doodle in yours), order one of their many fantastic home-made treats with tea, you automatically feel transported to a little world that you know as 'happiness'. My heart jumped a big jump when I realised that the coffee shop that my hairdressers kept speaking of that was opening across from them was a Vovo Telo. I first visited the one in Parkhurst, JHB and have been back there whenever we visit JHB. I love it's vibe, the staff and the little details that they take such pride in. If you have not yet experienced Vovo Telo I would encourage you to make a plan. Try out some of my favourite yummies when you go...
- Chocolate Vovochino (a cold blend of coffee and delicious chocolateyness)
- Pain Perdu (french toast brioche, marscapone and berries)
- Deli Steak Pasta (a little bit of everything good)
- Strawberry Tart (self explanatory)
- Bread & Butter (yum-that's all)

Just a few of my Instagram pics from all my trips there :)


Claudz said...

Since my first visit to Vovo Telo at 44 Stanley I have been hooked! So happy for you that they're in Umhlanga too

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

It's my FAVOURITE too!! And right down the road x

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