Thursday, 04 April 2013

Keen for a Change {Hair Make-over}

If I haven't put this on my blog by now then here it is... I LOVE CHANGE! I am a person of change and new things and freshness! And if I can't change scenery then I will change my hair colour or hair style. So it is obvious that after a while of wanting to go this short now the urge is stronger than ever. But I thought I would ask what my fellow followers and trendy bloggers think...

Find the images that have inspired me {here}


Kerry said...

I say do it :) I love short hair cut in a cute pixie style.

Pascale said...

ooh it's very scary to do it, but I reckon with your soft feminine features and 'cute' look you could definitely pull it off!!

Plus, its only hair. it grows back, so if it looks bad its no problem.

From a colour perspective, I'd say cut first, colour later. Cutting and going dark all in one go will be an enormous change and I know when i do those things I tend to shock myself too much (often leading to holding in tears at the hairdresser)
but if you're up to, why not!

So definitely Yes on the hair cut!

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