Wednesday, 13 March 2013

New Home, Sweet Home (Phase 1-Pin, Pin, Pin)

So I have been a bit of a blogging blur at the moment and have not had a second to sit still and write a post let alone conjure up images and sorts. So here is one! We have as of late just found a new place to stay - YAY! We are not the buying type and so renting it is. This place, still small (you know I like it that way) has a little more space than our previous little place and is so bright and airy! I absolutely fell in love when I saw white everywhere and the big kitchen. So we are moving in this month - I am DESPERATE to move in this weekend and just settle but the big thing holding us back is that we NEED a fridge/freezer (anyone want to give us theirs or sponsor us?). But in the meantime I have been searching ideas for decor as their is a little more room to play! Here are some of my recent pins. Pinterest is great when you are moving into a new space as you can search many varieties of an idea you might like to find your perfect fit. You also then have it in storage online and can track the "where' and "how" of the Pin.
 I will make that pallet coffee table on the left. I am dying for a larger coffee table so that will do quite nicely. I love the cake stand idea for storage on my dressing table.
I love the temporary solution to the hanging of pictures on the left. And I also love anything to do with raw wood so that makes my heart happy. Beautiful office space on the right! So natural and peaceful.

Will hopefully post some pics of the place when we are done sorting things out and moving in! 

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nancy taylor said...

So happy to hear this news, I seem to be starved for news, without your blog. Love all the ideas - do you have a cake stand? Soon be Easter, and then, maybe we will get together?
Love all that you write, miss you greatly, as well as Gramps. Lotsa love to you both. Gran xx

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