Thursday, 10 January 2013

Liebster Award {2013}

I love getting the Liebster Award from other bloggers coz it means that I get to answer questions (read fact #1). Thanks a bunch to Meg of Antlers & Antidotes for nominating me! Here goes...

A little about the Liebster Award...
1. List 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator
3. Nominate 11 blogs with less than 200 followers and ask them your own set of questions

11 Facts About Me
1. I love to answer questions!! I will fill out any forms just to do that.
2. I eat a lot of watermelon -seeds and all.
3. I love adventure. A lot!
4. I am a secret keeper. Not so good at times.
5. I love running solo with loud music. 
6. I just bought a hula hoop. {For exercise purposes}
7. I suck at accents but apparently rock at making random sound effects.
8. I don't like sushi.
9. I love surprises.
10. I prefer sun over rain.
11. It's my birthday on Sunday!!!!! {13 Jan} Did I mention that I love surprises? ;)

11 Questions from Meg

1. What's your favourite clothing store? Is online an answer? I like to shop online but I love Vertigo although quite pricey they have some stunning simple items. 
2. What is the next thing on your shopping list/anything you are saving up for? Saving? Kidding. Um, I prefer to save for things I need. I just bought myself a blue zen Le Creuset whistling kettle but I am keen to save to fix my iPod nano touch first and then a macbook pro.
3. Tell us something few people actually know about you. Well I said I am secret keeper but um, I am not sure... {15 minutes later} I really don't know. People know me pretty well. Everything is else is personal.
4. What were the best words of advice you were ever given? From my mom. She told me to smile because I looked prettier then. I really only believed her after sitting in front of the mirror practicing how to smile. Yep, I had that phase of my life... 
5. What does a normal day entail for you? Wake up, get ready for work, work from 8-2, head home to work on my freelance work or out to meetings or catch ups with people, every night there is something on, cook dinner, go out, come home, watch TV, sleep. 
6. Which city do you live in? Durban, KZN. South Africa.
7. Would you ever move? In a heartbeat... and then I would move again... and again... and again... {Did I mention that I love adventure?}
8. What is your favourite smell? Lee. Otherwise, vanilla! Definitely!
9. Which blogs are you loving at the moment? I love to catch up with people that I know so Meg, yours is good. Then Sam's blog is fun and inspiring with new ideas. 
10. What is your dream job? A professional traveler. Haha! 
11. Why aren't you doing it? Because I am unavailable at present. 

My nominees... (also opting for 6 Meg- I follow highly followed blogs)

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Antlers and Antidotes said...

I LOVE watermelon too! And I eat the seeds (because I am too lazy to scoop them out).

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