Saturday, 29 December 2012

Olive Oil On Tap

If you live in Durbs and find yourself at the Food Lovers Market in La Lucia Mall a lot then you would have already seen and maybe experienced the new Olive Oil On Tap station that they have there. What a wonderful idea! All you have to do is grab a glass bottle in your preferred size (250ml or 500ml) and then pick your flavour of olive oil, twist the tap and ta-da! I walked away yesterday with two 250ml bottles -one with a lemon infused olive oil and one with a basil infused olive oil. They also had a normal olive oil and a parmesan infused olive oil which I could imagine drizzled over a simple pasta base. I used the lemon flavoured one last night to cook prawns instead of using butter and I used the basil one with some balsamic over my two salads from last night and I used it solo with some bread sticks for dipping. They were both delicious! So... head on over to the Food Lovers Market at the Mall and find this station!
If you take your bottles back for refilling the price is reduced. Win win!!

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Gill said...

Love this idea!

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