Thursday, 15 November 2012

Blogger Secret Santa : WIN

If you haven't yet spotted the post on my blog about the little surprise competition I am running for the Blogger Secret Santa entrants then now you know. But until now I haven't entirely given away what you can stand a chance to win!!! Yep, as you can see it is a Becca Blair Bag! The Paul in purple to be specific! Isn't he lovely? I could just picture this little guy carrying just what you need to the Christmas markets coming up as well as heading out on a romantic evening in a LBD! In any case, the winner of this bag will be announced on Wednesday, 21 November and we will shortly get your Paul to you! A HUGE thanks to Becca Blair for sponsoring this prize. {Keep your eyes tuned to this spot in case we surprise you again}.
PS. Becca is looking for the face of Becca Blair Designs for December so if you think you have what it takes then follow the link above to her Facebook page and find out more! 


Megan Wait said...

I am so excited! I can just imagine how funky this would look with a few of my outfits!

Thanks for organising this ladies!

Kerry said...

That's cute!
I already have half my gift to send off to my lucky lady :) was exciting to buy and I'm super excited to see what I get

Claudz said...

Such a great surprise!! Thank you and what a treat. Good luck to all!

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