Friday, 20 July 2012

The Everything Salad

When I make a salad, I make a meal. That is my stance to salads. They have to be full of fun and packed with good things. Last night we were invited to a braai and I was asked to make a salad at which I rejoiced because 1. I love salad and 2. I got to use one of our nice wedding gift platters! And I thought why not share my little (big) salad with my fellow followers! So here it is, The Everything Salad.
Ingredients from bottom to top:
Baby Spinach//Snap Peas//Strawberries//Cranberries//Chickpeas//Sunflower Seeds//Crushed Pecans Topped with a light sprinlking of feta and alfalfa sprouts.
To dress just have a balsamic reduction nearby. I never dress a salad just in case.


Pascale said...

loosk delicious! thanks for sharing and the salad inspiration!

Men Trend said...

Looks Yummie!

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