Sunday, 08 July 2012

Durban July 2012

Yesterday I was blessed to attend the Durban July with my amazing designer friend, Amie. I felt even more blessed that I got to wear one of her designs! I have been modelling it for a few weeks now at various events and competitions but it was nice to just wear it for the Durban July. Maybe you even saw us on the telly? These are some professional pictures ( I know I look very angry-haha) that were taken the first time I wore the dress so thought I'd let you all see it. Amie made the dress to fit the theme of the July, A Material World, using all types of re-used and recycled fabrics such as pleather, upholstery and an old tablecloth. I LOVE the neutral colour scheme of this dress! The idea around the design was that the skirt would represent age rings on a tree and the top had feathers and scales to represent animals in nature. 
Well done my amazing friend! It was such an honour :)

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Kerry said...

You look stunning! And that dress is GORGEOUS, well done to your friend for designing it

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