Thursday, 05 July 2012

DIY Ombre T-Shirt Snood

You can make your own light snood with an old white T and dip dye it for an ombre look! Look {here}
Stunning with a grey T.


Pascale said...

This looks so cool, and so easy!
Have you tried it? What dye's could we get here in SA? I have so many items I'd like to dip dye but not sure where to get colour dyes from? any advice?

Kelly said...

Hi Pascale. Thanks for your comment. I have not had the time to try it since I saw it but would love to give it a go! You should be able to find general dye at any craft shops - I know of one in the Crescent shopping centre in Umhlanga, Imagine That. Give them a try! Please mail me if you have tried it!

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