Friday, 08 June 2012

Introducing Mrs Lubbee

So there is someone new on my blog... Well not entirely new but I have a new name - Kelly Lubbee. About two weeks ago my beautiful wedding was held and now I am sitting in my new flat with my husband and we are SO married! I thought I'd share a few pics with my blogger crew. These are all I have so far from two of the photographers at the wedding but I will post more when they arrive!
Photos taken by Matt Wilkes of Matt Wilkes Photography & Craig Mannheim of Unprecedented Pictures.


Chanel Piccione said...

I have been dying to see these pictures! They are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing, you are such an inspiration :) x

Kerry said...

Your wedding looks beautiful and you look stunning girl :)hope it was everything you hoped for and more! can't wait to see more pics..

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