Thursday, 03 May 2012

JJ - A Life Well Lived

...but one that ended too soon. Last week JJ Willis passed away in a plane crash in Indonesia. He had just gotten a new position as porter pilot and was too stoked! After a flight with an Australian photographer taking aerial shots, the plane went down due to a fuel malfunction. When I found out the morning after it had taken place I was shocked and devastated to have lost such a great friend. JJ was never the most sentimental and hated it when girls cry but all of us friends could not help but come together and remember the memories of JJ. All so funny and so typical of JJ. But I just wanted to send out a blog post to honour our awesome friend JJ Willis. We miss you SO much and I think much more than you would think... There is so much love for you in our hearts and our prayers & thoughts go out to your family.

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