Thursday, 12 April 2012

My Gold Jersey

So in South Africa people are starting to buy new heaters and new jerseys because the cold is creeping in... I like the colder weather only because I get to wear lots of clothes and I love clothes! Ha ha. I am actually not a fan on winter at all and love the sunshine but luckily in Durban we have sun most days a year and that makes winter a bit more bearable. And you know what else helps? My lovely gold jersey I got a few months back from Mr.Price! I love it so much. It goes with jeans and pumps to the two more fashion-friendly outfits below... My black peplum also from Mr.Price and my little floral dress from ...da.da.dum... Mr.Price. I clearly know where to get it ALL! Anyways... just thought I'd post some of my outfits. Wore the black peplum number with my gold and black espadrille flats to The Oyster Box one mid-summer night. It was a little chilly and so the jersey was JUST perfect for the weather. 
I apologise for the lack of good graphic design in this image... I am pre-occupied with thoughts of my root canal tomorrow(which as you read this I will be in the dentists chair having done)!

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Kerry said...

Most of my wardrobe also comes from Mr Price, loving the jersey and peplum..

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