Monday, 12 March 2012

Get Clean

So our little place has a small bathroom that consists purely of a toilet, basin and a shower. I must say I am all good with that! I don't bath very often so a shower will do! It will be the only room in the small cottage that we are going to paint a "colour". A light yet warm greyish colour and I am keen to do some form of detail on the inside of the shower or above the toilet! Storage space is also such an important factor due to the size so any creative storage ideas are a must! Such as a ladder for towels - that's a must.
Was thinking a collage of mirrors above the toilet or a wall vinyl (if it will stay) in the shower! But for now I am seeking some small bathroom inspiration from none other than Pinterest
Maybe I'll find some inspiration at the Decorex SA Durban exhibition! Enter my comp to win tickets here!

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Samantha ( said...

OOOh love all these pics! Love those little ladders! So cute!

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