Monday, 05 March 2012

Fashion 101 : The Pump

This is one fashion term that has often been misused and misunderstood. Here's how...
The definition of a pump to me used to mean a flat, closed shoe... Well now there are SO many varieties of flat closed shoes that I had to ask myself the question, "what defines a pump?" And this is what I found after researching in store, through magazines and even just by viewing images of shoes!
LOVE the classic black, suede heeled pump!
The Pump: A pump is a type of shoe that has a closed back fitting to your foot with a low cut front, usually in a flattering arc style, hitting just below your toes. A pump is commonly seamless and has no other features but recently a pump is still a pump even if it contains an ankle strap, mary-jane strap, T-strap or peep toes(in a point, round or square front). This is where I used to be confused... A pump is still a pump even if the heel height is 5-inches or more! No matter the heel length this shoe is still referred to as a pump! 
How cute are those blue beauties? Lovely for a wedding shoe!{L} Also adore the spectator style pump{R}

Other shoes that are often referred to as pumps are loafers(also known as slip-ons), mocassins, brogues(sometimes referred to as the Oxford Shoe) and ballerina flats. Although these are all styles of pumps that can be found such as the ballerina pump! 

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