Thursday, 02 February 2012


Just a few minutes ago I was prepping a blog post about fashion and beauty like I do. Halfway through I was distracted by a conversation I was having with a friend. They have recently lost a family member due to natural causes. After consoling them and asking more details I went back to my post to finish it off and was hit with a very strong emotional feeling. Compassion. How could I have so easily thought I could go right back to my post without even considering the thought of that happening to me. And in my life right now. Getting married without that person. It's inevitable. Death. I am therefore making a small blog post in honour of my great friend and his mom. To move into this new phase in your life without the strongest link in your life is incredible and you have really shown me how to deal with the situation. Such a great encouragement. And although she may not be here now she was and you will always be a part of her. Much love!

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