Monday, 06 February 2012

Fashion 101 : Bare Necessities

As much as we all love to rock a red lip or to do a great smokey eye we all know that being natural is the key to true beauty. I love to do a good job with my make-up at times but most of all I love being as bare as possible. It seemed to be quite the hit on the runway for Spring/Summer 2012 and I must say I am in! Here's a few tips, tricks and notes to this look! 
Summer heat 
Make sure that you are wearing a good SPF face cream as you will not be dousing your skin with your normal make-up which should add an extra SPF to your skin! 
You need a simple start to this look. First apply some concealer under your eyes and dab onto any problem areas. Remember for a more natural look using your God-given fingers is the key. Dab on concealer.

Eye Spy
For your eyes, just groom your brows to look very fresh faced and bright eyed. I like to add a tad bit of white liner on the inner corner of my eyes to make my eyes brighter! Slick on a light layer of mascara or use some Vaseline to moisturise and emphasise them if you want to be completely bare!

If you use cream foundation: Mix a little dot of foundation into your face cream and smear on in smooth movements. Ensure it is all rubbed in - best to mix them together before applying for a more covered look.
If you use powder: So long as you put your face cream on just use a large brush to cover your face with your powder foundation.
It is better to use a cream foundation for this look as the coverage will last longer and you will get a more polished result.

Brush it off
If you have one, just take your airbrush stippling brush and swirl over your make-up. This will clear up any "mistakes" you may not have noticed and even out the applications.

For a little bit of colour in your cheeks apply a very small amount of your preferred blush on your cheeks.

Lips were made for pouting
If you want to add some colour to your look use a slightly pink/coral lipstick mixed with a slight gloss. Otherwise simply put some lipgloss on with a lip brush!

It seems like a lot but calculate the time taken to do this and you would have completed one smokey eye! Enjoy this new runway look and have long lasting fresh faced make-up all day! 
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