Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I am a little bit of a "How Do I Look?" addict. I try my best to watch all of them. It is the shopping I think I am drawn to and how some one can transform inside and out! But I think most of all I love it for Jeannie Mai. Such a fashionista herself and yet so inspiring to the women she helps. She is also so cute and quirky and has her own vocabulary known as Mai-cabulary. These are few of the words & phrases I like.

Cupcake: This refers to a women's derriere.
Wear-a-py: "Wearapy is her wardrobe styling treatment to use colours and textures to enhance one's emotions, influence actions and to set the tone for the various situations in one's life."
Fesbian: Lusting over another woman who looks good in fashion. You would be a fashion lesbian.
Pudding Pot: The little pooch around a woman's midsection. When you enjoy the luxuries on puds and they show just that little bit in your tum.

Aren't they just too cool and so fun? Get some more info on Jeannie on her website, iheartjeanniemai.com

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