Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Feeling Like Stars

Lee & I just got back from playing a small acoustic set at The Litchi Orchard for our mates' church, Linc. It was my first ever time live besides from singing at church every Sunday but I thought I would share this pic with you. It was taken off Lee's phone so it isn't the best but it still is cool. Don't you love the little set up? They put fairy lights on the mic stands and it made us feel so cool! Thanks to Maj and the crew for having us. Will post some more pics when I see them up. 


onedaybox said...

I never knew you sang - how awesome:) Post a video sometime so we can all hear too (totally feeling left out now he he)

Kelly said...

Ha ha. We will be recording a song for our favours for the wedding. When I have it I will sort out a way for you to listen to us.

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