Thursday, 01 December 2011

Wooden Cable Spool Table

Being the wood fanatic I am when I first saw these wooden cable spools all I could thing about was my future home and a coffee table. I cannot wait to put my first wooden cable spool in my home with all my coffee table books on top. Here are some I have seen...
Go get one and DIY!


Lauren said...

I've just started a hunt for these! My local electric company has several in their 'yard' and I was told I *may* be able to get one free from them. We'll see! I have no way to transport it though. I was thinking of putting strips of mirror on the center spool of it - not sure.

Kelly said...

Oooo... Are you Durban based? I would love a few for my wedding decor to use for the sweets table... Do you think you could pass on the contact for them? Would love to see if they will loan them to me. I see them lying about all over the place. Esp. the harbour! Please fill me in if you do something creative. I'd love to post it.

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