Saturday, 03 December 2011

Shirt Dress Summer

Another item on the list for summer is the shirt dress... Now you may have some of these from winter that you wore with tights and boots but these are the summer ones.
Just like the floaty blouse this dress is a simple summer outift... So simple it just requires slipping into. Some keys to this outfit:
1. Print, plaid, pattern, plain. The shirt dress should be either of these things. Get a soft pastel for a day at the beach, a denim shirt dress is great for a shopping spree. Try a black and white print for sundowners leading into a dinner.
2. All about the accesories. Because of its simplicity, the shirt dress requires some assistance from your best friends! Shoes, chunky necklaces, mounds of bracelets and large rings. Go big and bold or soft and sleek.
Try a pair of gladiator flats or my faves, the Samira pump from Plum. Opt for a pair of wedges for a night out in summer style. Draw string waist features are great and add to the simplicity but if your shirt dress does not have this detail then try a big bulky belt in neutral or a pop of colour for colour-blocking.
3. Small details. As with the floaty blouse the shirt dress is all about the small details. Pockets on the chest, unique buttons, pockets and scalloped/lace edges.
WHAT NOT TO DO. Do not go out in your boyfriend/hubby's shirts. The shirt dress for women is designed and tailored to your form and will add that subtle chicness to the outfit. You don't want to look like you spent the night some where and ran out in a guilty flurry.

Start shopping for these now and get stocked for Christmas. What a great gift too.

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