Thursday, 08 December 2011

Hello Giggles

Many men love Zooey Deschanel but we all know us women have a thing for this amazing, down-to-earth, singer-songwriter, actress and now internet site sensation.
After a squizz on Facebook I soon noted that she is the co-founder & CEO of Hello Giggles. Hello Giggles is a site that is dedicated to entertain, inform and appreciate women. YES, a site for US! This site is run by actress Zooey D, producer Sophia Rossi and writer/internet sensation Molly Mcaleer. Some awesome features on this site include: Videos, Articles, Shop, Rants&Raves, Home(DIY's&Decor), How To's and Fresh Giggles.
I encourage you to put this one on your favourites as it updates almost daily and is such a treat! Lovely work, girls!

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