Sunday, 04 December 2011

Broken Down Blogosphere

Surely we have all played broken down telephone at least once in our lives and it was a terrible game leading us to believe gossip is good and all that... But it was good inspiration for this post. I love my followers, you are all so kind and so great! I also love following most of you back and adore your blogs. We are all so different and have so much inspiration to share! 
I do feel though that following blogs has become less and less of a commitment but it really should be more of one. If you follow blogs you show interest and insight into the lives and views of others with similar interests. I mean all of us bloggers like fashion, decor, art, design, sales, lifestyle and opinions so why not follow? Another reason to follow is that you may miss out on some great deals such as comps, sales and links to other great deals that you may be interested in. 
If we can so easily "like" groups like Pick n Pay, Mr. Price, Game and others just to win something then why can't we follow blogs to enjoy something daily and even still stand a greater chance at winning something unique?!
So lets do something cooler than putting your most read blogs on the side of your blog but post about the blogs you follow every now and again and get people to follow them if they are really keen on it after taking a read! 
Ooo... and I wanna do a comp so more followers would be a great start! 

Here are a few blogs I love. Go see and follow if you enjoy them!

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