Sunday, 27 November 2011

Summer Must : Sheer Floaty Blouse

Whether it be patterned, bright colours or just a neutral tone... the sheer floaty blouse is a definite summer MUST have!
The key to this look :
- keep it simple. Choose a solid colour or a simple pattern.
- little features. Get something with buttons at the top or running all the way down or choose something with a detailed pocket. These little things will add fun to this easy going item.
- no-fuss sleeve. Choose something with a buttoned sleeve or a rolled sleeve. Even a loose fitting sleeve with a fold is great. Anything that cuts just below the elbow is perfect.
- colour perfect. Make sure that the one you buy suites your skin tone. It is one piece that is closest to your face so be 100% it makes you glow (especially with that summer tan).

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