Saturday, 05 November 2011

Simple Feast

Something I am so in love with lately is the simple foods... One of my most favourites is a plain focaccia and a bowl of napoletana sauce. To make this meal quickly and effortlessly (unless you have time and energy because everything is better made from scratch) you can order a focaccia from any Italian restaurant as take away and then buy the Napoletana sauce from Everfresh for the BEST taste. Just heat and eat! Nyum, nyum.

If you actually know how to perfect the focaccia then buy some ready made dough from Everfresh too. It is a lovely meal to enjoy with some good friends, good wine and a Durban sunset!

To eat this meal out try Primi Piatti or also Italian Restaurant, Luigis in Umhlanga. If you would like to make this from scratch then get the recipe for focaccia here and napoletana sauce here.
Also tasty with balsamic and olive oil!


onedaybox said...

This is also my fav! And spiga makes and amazing one too.

Kelly said...

Must try theirs! :)

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