Monday, 21 November 2011

Pallet Perfection

Whilst Googling ideas for rustic tables and DIYing them I found these stunning ideas for pallet tables. How amazing are these?
 Make your own coffee tables with extra storage(above). Add glass to create a chic finish(below).
 This is a stunning kitchen island made completely out of pallets.
 So simple. Add a pop of colour to a creative working desk. 
 Very rustic pallet dining table. 
One of my favourite ideas so far. The L-shaped sofa with extra storage space for mags and books. :)

You can buy second hand pallets for around R30 each by simply searching on Gumtree or sourcing them from companies that may make use of them. Find the tutorials and other great ideas for pallets at Home Edit.


Samantha ( said...

SO COOL! Thanks Kel!!

Kelly said...

Pleasure. Look at my latest post for the Christmas Tree and follow the link below the pic for some more awesome ideas.

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