Tuesday, 08 November 2011

Back Beauty

Get yourself an item that shows of your back this summer - the more back the more beauty. How amazing are some of these backs... All images sourced from here.
 Love this navy dress with the heart back and the little buttons. Very chic! 
 This whole dress is stunning and I love the detail at the back with openings on the sides! 
 If I could have this dress I would in yellow, blue, white, black and coral! LOVE this with pockets & a bow!
 Adore this stylish dress with buttons! What a great evening dress!
 Cutest top! Great idea to add the solid rim to define the heart! :)
Amazing dress! Love the colour, love the open back, LOVE the bow, love the sparkles... 

Now that you have some inspiration go hunt for those backless dresses and tops! Watch out for the problems that can arise with this style such as bra straps or if you have any back issues... Make sure it is the feature of your outfit!

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