Tuesday, 04 October 2011

Hall Pass

So I love the idea of decorating hallways... People tend to walk into a house and linger in hallways as if they were in an art gallery of some sort and scan every detail of them. So if you have a nifty hallway why not decorate it... Here are some of my faves.
 Love the checkered floors and the signature art piece. It is very bright and sophisticated.
 This is my favorite. Elements of plant life and wood mixed with matching frames... It works SO well!
 If only we all had this much money. I love the wooden beams, big light and large round window feature... What a nice way to store books - looks like a little reading nook!
 You might wonder why this one is here but don't you just love the abstract lines? No more needed than this little bit of art on the walls.
Mix match heaven is this hallway. Also love the mirror at the end that extends the hallway! Children's artwork has it's own little studio and the bright chair is so fun and quirky!

Images from 1,2,3,4 and 5! (Not in order of pictures)

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