Tuesday, 06 September 2011

Some things I wish for for my future home...

Just take a quick peek into the life and shop of Quirky Me and you will also have a list as long as mine of things you would love to decorate your home with... These are a few I would love to have!
Jacaranda Bowls : Left : R90 ea// Right R180
Mismatched cutlery set is MY ULTIMATE wedding gift. R260 for 16 pc set.
The mirror is so me... Simple with a bird! R600! (A bit too pricey for me but beautiful. 

Take a squizz at her shop here and you'll find yourself wanting a lot more than you thought. PS. Check her services if you know someone who is interested in decor, design and project management.


Samantha (everythingiheart.blogspot.com) said...

OOOOh! I LOVE the mismatch cuttlery! had myeye on those for aaaages!!

Kelly said...

I think I'll have to twist someone's arm! Maybe if I promise they can come over for dinner when I have them. ;)

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