Wednesday, 13 July 2011

i Heart the Beachfront

From haystack to "hey bru" the I Heart Market moved venues to the beachfront for an elongated stay of two weekends! Previously held at the DLI Hall in Greyville the market took it's Durban hooves to sandier pastures and it was a really refreshing change.
I got up on Saturday ready to wear my winter's best and visit the I Heart and when I realised we were actually going to the beachfront I had to make a quick change into some shorts and a top as Durban doesn't understand winter... (I am not complaining). The beachfront was a beautiful site with bicycles, skate-boarders, train rides and flea-marketers visiting the I Heart Market.

First stop was anywhere were food may be concerned and so an egg and bacon roll was on the menu! Next up some breakfast dessert (dessert is good after every meal is my deal) and I know what would hit the spot... macaroons! As I said on Facebook the other day: "Macaroons are like collectables. You have to buy and try each flavour." So gold was butterscotch and my my... Before I salivate all over my keyboard and can no longer type this post let's move on to some pics...
Firstly caught by Miss Happ's bright pin-up rock star goodies.
Rings made from old cutlery!
Some beautiful home buys!
Duh, fashion!
Full mates hanging in the sun watching Fulka play their set!
Just as every good thing in life, let's end with dessert!

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