Wednesday, 06 July 2011

He's Alive, the Reason we Survived!

So as I write this I jam my toes under my macbook to the sound pumping out of it's stereo speakers and sub woofer... and that sound is To Our Divine's techno-funk. They have an amazing way of mixing beats and sounds to create relaxed yet groovy music which makes your ears and your heart dance!
Currently I am listening to one I haven't heard before which is boldly goes by the name "He's Alive, The Reason we Survived". In at about 3.40 minutes of listening time you are surprised to hear some jazzy beats busting through the synth and small jingles!
Well I can't hold it all to myself... go and take a listen here and then download here. But don't stop there, go and LIKE them here.

They're pretty sweet, ne?!

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